In this section of the website I have listed all of the 275ml or 9-2/3 fl oz beercans that I do have in my collection.

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As you will see at some pictures, I do have several cans with rust and dents etc. If you have any of these cans in a better condition or if you have a can that isn't on a picture at all; please mail me at; and I am sure we can work out something that make the both of us happy!!!

Like the old wisdom says; "A picture says more than thousand words",  I will show 6 pictures of each can.

For me this is the best way to compare cans. Specially because I collect cans with all minor variations like can manufacturers, contents or brewery changes, different stamps on bottom and top etcetera.

Canning code; Most cans have a little manufacturer mark. Some of them don’t. In that case I used “nm” (not mentioned).

Here are the most common;                                                                                                                                                                          

                                                         American Can Company        Continental Can Company      Crown Cork (and Seal) Company      Gerro Kaiser         Haustrup


                                              Metal Box                               National Can Company           PLM                                                  Reads                   Thomassen en Drijver Verblifa

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