In this section of the website I have listed all 275ml or 9-2/3 fl oz beercans I  have in my collection at this moment.

As you can see at some pictures, I do have several cans with rust and dents etc. If you have any of these cans in a better condition or if you have a can that isn't on a picture at all; please mail me at; and I am sure we can work out something that make the both of us happy!!!

Like the old wisdom says; "A picture says more than thousand words",  I will show 4 pictures of each can.

For me this is the best way to compare cans with others. Specially because I collect these cans with all minor variations like can manufacturers, contents or brewery changes, different stamps on bottom etcetera.

Here's a short explanation:

2016# 2015# BCCA CBoFBC





1.     2.

  1. The first is from an article in the Brewery Collectibles Club of America (Feb/March 2005) written by Sean Kelly. In this article  you can find almost all Cone Tops and Flat Tops known to excist.

  2. The second guide is the Class Book of Foreign Beer Cans vol 1. (1984) By Jeffrey C. Cameron.