Welcome to the magnificent world of BEERCANS.

    For the most people just rubbish, but for collectors real treasures.                                          

My name is Ron Heber. Living in the Netherlands and I collect 9-2/3 fl. oz. or 275 ml beer cans.

Member of:

 Brewery Collectors Club of America (#26624)

One Can One Country Chapter



When I start collecting beer cans, I never could imagine that these beverage containers would have such an impact in my further life. It all started years ago when I made a bicycle tour with some friends. It was in the middle of the summer and ofcourse we had to stop regularly for some refreshments. I was surprised that there were so many different beercans. In that time, mid 70's, the type of cans were changing from crimped steel to drawn steel. In no time I had hundreds of cans. Not only Dutch brands but also lots of German and Belgium beer cans because I live only a few miles from these borders. After collecting a while I found a beer can collector club in the Netherlands : Blik op Blik and a few months later I became a member of the largest breweriana club of the world: Brewery Collectibles Club of America. Being a member of a collector club gives you lots of benefits like contact with other members, national and international trade-shows and advertising space in the newspaper of the clubs. At this moment I have about 15.000 beercans in my collection: all types-all sizes. At some point I had to make a decision what to do with my collection because I was out of space for new shelves. I have a magnificent wife but she don't want the whole house filled with beer cans!! So I start collecting only my favourite type of beer can: 275ml or 9-2/3 fl.oz. Later I found a book with pictures of these cans; "The Class Guide to Foreign Beer Cans volume 1 by Jeffrey C. Cameron" and since that time I try to complete my collection. But, as it is with the most collections, this is very difficult and probably impossible. There are so many different cans. Not only different brands but also the variations on the cans; different colours, text, manufacturers etc.
The most of these cans are from the United Kingdom but the Netherlands, Jamaica, Rhodesia, Sweden, Denmark, Malta, Norway, France, Germany and Ireland also produced these cans. Sometimes you can find cans on flea-markets etcetera. But the easiest way to find new cans is at tradeshows and on the internet. And I have also lots of help from other can collectors. 

The day I finished the first edition of this website in October 2009, I started with 1132 cans on the shelves.

  At this moment (Dec 31, 2017) I have listed  1568  275 ml or  9-2/3 oz cans and still find new cans!

You will see pictures of all cans in the COLLECTION section. 


Thanks to all the friends who helped me to build this collection!!!

Always interested in buying individual cans or complete collections of 9-2/3 fl oz cans

January 2018: A bunch of new cans from last year, listed late; A-8 Abbot Ale DS, B-36 Bass Pale Ale, C-30 Carlsberg Export Lager, C-39 Carlsberg Danish Pilsner in white, C-40 Carlsberg Lager, C-41 Carlsberg Lager, C-42 Carlsberg Lager and C-43 Carlsberg Lager from want list, C-65b Carlsberg Pilsner Lager, C-76b Carlsberg Special Brew, C-125c Courage Brown Ale, C-146b Courage Light Ale, C-151 Courage Light Ale, 4 paper label cans from Dulux D-22, D-23, D-24 and D-25.  
January 2018: second update. 2 cone tops and several flat tops for sale/trade -->
June 2018: . More than 230 9-2/3 oz cans for sale/trade -->