January 2016Best wishes for 2016 to all!! Hope many of your wishes may come true. Here is the updated, 2016 version of my collection. You can also download my latest wantlist. 3 new cans to start 2016; D-16 Devenish Light Ale (new for me), I-17 Ind Coope Light Ale (FT from Wantlist) and W-121 Whithbread Forest Brown (FT from wantlist).

February 2016;  No new cans this month ..

May 2016; 2 new cans for the collection; D-31a Double Diamond and my 4th Cone Top; CT-31 Simonds Pale Ale

July 2016; From wantlist; Charrington Toby Best Pale Ale C-99, New cans; Guinness G-101, New variations: Heineken H-48bnew, Long Life Beer L-41d, Mackeson Stout M-31g, Watneys Pale Ale W-85b, Whitbread Brewmaster W-109b, Whitbread Pale Ale W164c

October 2016; 1 new can from my wantlist; G-42 Guinness, and 3 variation cans; Courage Brown Ale C-120a, Courage Brown Ale C-122b and a Whitbread Pale Ale W-153a

November 2016; 2 Guinness cans from my wantlist G-43 and G-60