Jan-Feb 2017 update    It's been a while since the last update, reason is that I am changing the lay out of the website and restore some damaged and false links etc. If you noticed some other mistakes on this site I will be glad to hear it so that I can repair that too. The first new can this year is a variation of a Tuborg Pilsner Lager T-97b

March 2017 update    "Collection" cans A, B and C can be seen in the new layout. Last month I got 19 new cans, 2 of them are listed now. The others will be added as soon as I have time. And more good news; more new cans will be added to my collection very soon. The 2 new cans listed: a variation of C-130b Courage Brown Ale, and a new version of a C-143 Courage Light Ale.

March 2017 second update    A bunch of new variation cans; G-16b Gold Label DS, G-20c Gold label AA, H-22c Harp Lager CS, J-12a John Courage CS, S-29b Sainsbury's Light Ale AA, T-43b Toby Light Ale CS, W-32d Watneys Brown Ale CS, W-33b Watneys Brown Ale CS, W-52c Watneys Export Gold CS, W-53b Watneys Export Gold DS, W-82b Watneys Pale Ale CS, W-83c Watneys Pale Ale CS, W-112b2 Whitbread Brewmaster AA, W-126c Whitbread Forest Brown Ale SS, W-129b2 Whitbread Forest Brown Ale CS, W-134b Whitbread Forest Brown Ale AA, W-164b2 and W-164b3 Whitbread Pale Ale DS and one new can W-70new Watneys Pale Ale SS

March 2017 third update   28 more new cans to show you: Variation cans; A-6b & A-6c Abbot Ale, B-56b Ben Truman, C-13b Carling Black Label, C-52b Carlsberg Pilsner Lager, C-72a Carlsberg Special Brew, C-144a Courage Light Ale, D-26c Double Diamond, F-21b Fullers London Pride, H-27b Harp Lager, H-69c Hemeling Lite, I-31d Ind Coope Light Ale, S-56b Shandy Bass. New cans; F-22new Fullers London Pride, L-18c Ind Coope's Long Life Beer, S-102new Stella Artois. And cans from the want list; B-29 Bass & Co's Pale Ale, B-55 Ben Truman Ale, C-104c Charrington's Pilsner Lager, F-15 Fullers London Pride, F-22 Fullers Pale Ale, G-56 Guinness Extra Stout, G-65 Guinness Extra Stout, G-66 Guinness Extra Stout, L-18d Ind Coope's Long Life Beer, M-23 Mackeson Stout, T-10 Tennent's Lager and W-120 Whitbread Forest Brown.

April 2017 update    I purchased a  lot of cans from my wantlist this month; A-15 Anchor Export Beer, B-37 Bass Pale Ale, B-38b Bass Pale Ale, C-New Carlsberg Danish Pilsner (is it a misprint or a test-can?), C-91c Ceres Top Pilsner, D-27 Double Diamond, H-9 Harp Lager, I-3 Ind Coope Brown Ale, I-16 Ind Coope Brown Peter, I-18 Ind Coope Light Ale, K-9 Kingsmere Shandy, K-10 Köenigsbeer, L-4 Leyland Emulsion, M-25 Mackeson Stout, M-55 Marks & Spencer Export Pale Ale, S-50 Saxon Lager, S-62 Skol International 2000, S-64 Skol International Lager, S-107 Sunshine Lemonade Shandy, T-16 Tennent's Super Lager, T-27 Twaithes Pale Ale, W-141b Whitbread Light Ale, W-155a Whitbread Pale Ale and W-159a Whitbread Pale Ale

May 2017 update    No new cans this month, hope to find some at the Hamm tradeshow May 6.

June 2017 update   No new cans this month, Collection cans "I" is ready.

July 2017 update    From wantlist; G-26 Gold Label "Powerfull Offer", W-12 new1 BBCCS Cannection '81 and W-12new2 Cannection '82. And a variation of T-88c Tuborg Denmark Pilsener

September 2017 update    An Ind Coope  version of the Leyland Emulsion can

October 2017 update    3 new cans this time, next update there will be some more new cans; Sainsbury's Blue Riband S-8A from want-list, an unseen Sainsbury's Brown Ale S-10 and a new Skol Lager CS S-79.

November2017 update    T-96 Tuborg Pilsner lager CS

December2017 update    This time some more cans from the collection of Nick West who was so kind to offer me his 9-2/3 part of his collection. Thanks for these and all other cans in the past Nick!! From want-list: W-69 Watneys Pale Ale, W-147b Whitbread Light Ale, W-161a Whitbread Pale Ale, W167a Whitbread Pale Ale. New cans; W-74 Watneys Pale Ale, W-78 Watneys Pale Ale, W-188 Worthington E Best Pale Ale DS. Also a bunch of variations;  W-34c Watneys Brown Ale, W-56c Watneys Export Gold Barley Wine, W-57b Watneys Export Gold Barley Wine, 2 CS Watneys Pale Ale W-88b and W-89c, W118b Whitbread Brewmaster Export Ale, W-132c Whitbread Forest Brown Ale SS, W-135b Whitbread Forest Brown Ale CS, W-140b Whitbread Forest Brown Ale DS, W-170b Whitbread Pale Ale AA. Need to change a few more pages on the website. Hope to finish at the end of this year.