WANTLIST 9 2/3 fl oz CANS   

If you want to sell your 9/2-3 can collection or single cans, please contact me, will pay good price for good cans.


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                               9-2/3 oz Cone Top Overview 

 Below you will find all 9-2/3 fl oz cans (131) to complete my collection.

There’s also a very good chance that you do have a can that isn’t on this list or on my website. Or maybe you have a variation of a can that I missed. In any of above cases I am interested in more details.

If you do have one of these cans and want to sell it, please contact me and I will make you an offer.

Have also lots of cans who need an upgrade.

Send all pictures, questions and comments to: rons275mlbeercans@gmail.com

A-11a  FT  28MB A-11b  FT  MB A-15  FT  30MB B-1  SS B-9  FT B-10  FT B-27  FT  30MB B-28  FT  30MB
Anchor Export Beer Anchor Export Beer Anchor Pale Badger Bright Badger Export Brown Ale Badger Export Pale Ale Barclay’s Pilsener Lager Barclays Sparkling Beer
no contents no contents   “Light Ale” “John Brown” on banner “Gold Medal” on banner   “Export“
B-30b  FT  33MB B-35  FT  MB B-38a  SS  MB B-38b  SS  Reads B-46  SS B-47  SS B-48  FT B-64  FT  33MB
Bass & Co’s Pale Ale Bass Pale Ale Bass Pale Ale Bass Pale Ale Beach’s Beach’s Beach’s Broadland Brown Ale
contents in 3 units “Pale Ale” above “Bass” Single silver bands / no text Single silver bands / no text Ginger Beer Shandy Lemonade  Shandy Lime Cordial & Lager  
B-66  SS B-75  SS C-1  FT  MB C-2  FT  Reads C-3  FT  Reads C-4  FT  MB C-17  FT  30MB C-23  FT  PLM
Brock Lager Bulmer’s Woodpecker Carling BL Lager Beer Carling BL Lager Beer Carling BL Lager Beer Carling BL Lager Beer Carling’s BL Lager Beer Carlsberg Beer
“Lager” woodpecker in center of can “Black Label” in white “Black Label” in red “Export” “Fuller Flavour”   “Imported”
Website_Photo_2_923_Flats - kopie Website_Photo_2_923_Flats - kopie

NO PICTURE AVAILABLE                               


C-29  FT  30MB C-30a  FT  PLM C-30b  FT  nm C-42  FT  PLM C-53  SS  Reads C-79  FT C-86  FT  PLM C-87  SS  nm
Carlsberg Danish Pilsner Carlsberg  Danish Pilsner Carlsberg Danish Pilsner Carlsberg Lager de Luxe Carlsberg Pilsner Lager Castle Lager Ceres Beer Ceres Lager
4 crowns, light green 4 crowns, dark green 4 crowns, dark green   9 lines in crown instead of 7      

NO PICTURE AVAILABLE                


C-92  FT  MB C-94  FT  MB C-96  FT C-97 FT C-100b  FT  33 Metal Box C-101b  FT  nm C-102  FT C-103  FT  MB
Charrington Best Pale Ale Charrington Export Light Ale Charrington London Charrington London Charrington’s Brown Ale Charrington's Pilsner Lager Charter Ale Cisk Export Lager
serif  font serif  font Brown Ale, serif font Brown Ale,  gothic font “London” beige    
C-121c  CS C-128  SS C-146  SS D-22  FT  MB D-24  SS  MB D-45  FT  MB
Courage Brown Ale Courage Christmas Ale Crown Plus Two Double Diamond Double Diamond Double Strong Ale
Misprint “With compliments from Courage” “Silk Finish Vinyl Emulsion” “Double Diamond” in yellow “Double Diamond” in white  
F-3  FT  TDV G-10    FT G-28  FT G-32  FT G-39  FT  MB G-55 FT G-57  FT  28 MB G-59  FT  33MB
Falcon Pilsner Beer Georges Brown Ale Gold Star Ale Golden Hop Ale Guinness Guinness Extra Stout Guinness Extra Stout Guinness Extra Stout
        “average contents 10 fluid ozs.” “Hope & Anchor Breweries” “canned for Guinness by 4514” “canned for Guinness by 4516”
G-62  FT  28MB G-64  FT  30MB G-79c  SS G-79d  SS H-4  FT  30MB H-5  FT  MB H-6b  FT  Reads H-11  FT  MB
Guinness Extra Stout Guinness Extra Stout Guinness Extra Stout Guinness Extra Stout Hancocks Export Ale Harp Lager Harp Lager Harp Lager
“Dublin & London” “Dublin & London”, “4515” misprint/test? misprint/test? “Five Five” White and silver vertical bands   18 Fitzhardinge St. London W.1.
Heineken_FT_28 K-517
H-31a FT  MB H-36  FT  MB I-9a  SS  Reads J-1  FT  30MB J-2  FT J-3  SS J-14  FT K-8  FT
Harp Lager Beer Heineken Beer Ind Coope Brown Ale Jeffrey’s Lager Beer Jeffrey’s Stout John Brown Jubilee Stout Kingsmere
“… export, ships & aircraft” “Brewed in Holland” “275 ml 9.68 fl oz”     “Brown Ale”   Lime Cordial And Lager
L-535 I-464 long life pinchin johnson
L-6 SS L-13  FT  30MB L-14  SS  MB L-16  FT  30MB L-17  FT  30MB L-19  FT MB L-21  FT  Reads L-23  SS  MB
Leyland Gloss London Pride Pale Ale London Pride Pale Ale Long Life Beer Long Life Beer Long Life Long Life Long Life
  “Average Contents” “Minimum Contents” “Ind Coope’s Beer” larger script “Brewed By Deep Fermentation” Narrow “L” Wide “L” “ Pinchin Johnson Paints”
M-1  FT nm M-2  FT  MB M-3  SS  MB M-14b  SS  Reads M-40  FT M-41  FT  MB M-63  FT  30MB M-65  FT  MB
M & B Export Lager M & B Export Pale Ale M & B  Export Pale Ale Mackeson Manns Manns Mayflower Pilsener McEwans Export
    text in two lines on bottom red/silver, slanted bands “The Best Brown Ale” 1 line “The Celebrated Brown…"   “Everyone’s Choice”
M-74  FT  TDV M-75  FT  28MB N-2  FT O-1  FT P-4  FT  30MB P-5  FT R-3  FT  MB R-4  FT  MB
Mill Beer Monk Export Ale Nimmo’s Export Ale Oranjeboom Dutch Pilsner Phoenix Prize Ale Pico Ginger Beer Red Stripe Lager Beer Red Stripe Lager Beer
“MILLions Drink MILL”           seam:  no contents “Lager Beer” in block letter
S-656 S-56 skol international 2000
R-5  FT  MB R-13  SS  MB R-14b SS  Metal Box R-16a  CS  CCC S-4  SS S-60  FT  30MB S-61  SS S-71  SS  nm
Red Stripe Lager Beer Ringnes Norway Beer Ringnes Norway Beer Ringnes Norway Beer Safeway Shandy Simond’s Milk Stout Skol International Lager Skol Lager
contents added   logo between the 2 lower gold bands "product of Norway"  in center     “2000”, grey map without crest
S-86  FT  Metal Box S-110  FT T-8  FT  30MB T-9  FT 28MB   T-15  FT T-17  SS T-29  FT  PLM   T-30  FT  PLM
Skol Pilsner Lager Suncharm Taylor Walker’s Tennent’s Lager   Tennent’s Super Tennent’s Super Lager Tingsryds Pilsner Special   Tingsryds Swedish Export Beer
“Graham’s Parker Limited” Lemonade Shandy “Export Pale Ale” White foam       “Tingsryds Bryggeri …”    
T-31  FT  30MB T-45  FT  30MB T-46  FT  33MB T-70  FT  PLM T-84  FT  PLM T-85  SS  PLM T-88a  SS  CCC W-15a  SS  MB
Toby Ale Tollycan Tollycan Tuborg Beer Tuborg Denmark Pilsener Tuborg Denmark Pilsener Tuborg Denmark Pilsener Watneys Brown Ale
info on label “Tollemache & Co” “Tollemache & Cobbold Square label, “Special Import” side: “9 2/3 IMP. FL. OZ.” side: “9 2/3 IMP. FL. OZ.”  side: “10 IMP.FL.OZ.”  side: contents on 2 lines
W-20a  SS  L Reads W-61  FT  30MB W-63b  FT   MB W-64a  SS  MB W-94  FT  30MB W-104  FT  MB W-159b  SS  Reads   W-167  FT  28MB
Watneys Brown Ale Watneys Extra Milk Stout Watneys Pale Ale Watneys Pale Ale Watneys Red Barrel West Side Lager Whitbread Pale Ale William Younger & Co’s
info on 2 lines   side: contents on one line side: contents on 2 lines “Export Pale Ale” seam: no street name crest at top “Nourishing Milk Stout”
W-187  FT28MB W-192  FT  30MB W-193a  58-c  FT  MB Z-1a  FT  33MB Z-1b  FT  TDV 219
Worthington Pale Ale Wortington’s India Pale Ale Wortington’s India Pale Ale ZHB Pilsener Beer ZHB Pilsener Beer
  seam: contents in 3 units seam: no contents    

Here are some more pictures, a few paper - labels and from some cans only these blurred images are known. If anyone have one of these cans, or does have another can which isn’t listed here, please contact me or mail me a photo of that can.

Amstel Pirate Reid’s Stout Taylor Walker’s Cannon Wertha

If anyone does have one of these cans I would be very interested in a picture of the can. In that case I will ad it to the list of cans. 

Send all questions or pictures to: rons275mlbeercans@gmail.com

 Thanks for looking,

Ron Heber, Netherlands