On this page I will show you some photos of the 2nd Brewery Collectibles World Convention, held in Milwaukee USA, September 3-5, 2015.

First of all I want to thank the family Kelly in Chicago very much for the time they spend on us, and all the work they had, to make our visit to the 2015 Canvention a success. Hospitality was outstanding!!

I also want to thank all the can collectors from USA, Belgium, Austria, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Germany, Argentina,  Brasil, Sweden, Slovenia, New Zealand and all other countries for having a really nice week with a lot of fun, beer, and last but not least, some new beer cans!!

                                           Alain, Mark, Dave, Klasines, Jaap and Sean.                                              Alain and Mark at Sean’s collection with a lot of one of a kind cans


The Dutch delegation; Klasines, Jaap en Ron                                                       Afterparty’s at Andre’s




Yes, you see it right. There were also some moments without drinking beer……


                                                                             We even went to visit a museum...



 ... and a ballgame

 Meet and greet with the president of the BCCA Tom Fay

This will probably be the closest that I get to the Castle Lager, displayed in the 2nd place winner of the OCOC chapter display

Cheers with Alain, Dave (in the back), Ron and Rod.

Mark showing some goodies

Again, a big thanks to all of you and maybe ‘till next year!